Why Growing B2B Sellers Should Choose BigCommerce

Why Growing B2B Sellers Should Choose BigCommerce

Dec 29th 2021

Lori McDonald

One of the hardest things about choosing the right digital commerce software for your enterprise is finding a platform that meets your current needs and positions you for future growth. At Brilliance our purpose is empowering long-term success in digital commerce on a foundation of continued innovation. Short-term needs focus on value by prioritizing an appealing visual design for the customer along with providing tools that simplify product management to optimize internal cost.

As your revenue and digital ambition grow, the ability to scale, innovate and continuously improve become critical aspects of your digital success. In too many instances companies select a commerce platform because they know others who are using it, but not because it is the best fit for their needs. As a B2B digital commerce business, you likely manage high average order values, orders with a large number of lines, catalogs with thousands of SKUs and even configurable products or other customizations. You may also offer options and rules to upsell services, for example, white glove delivery and assembly.

We recommend BigCommerce for growing brands with B2B needs. BigCommerce has strong B2B features including customer-specific pricing, draft orders, request a quote, and faceted navigation. These features are native to the platform without the need for 3rd party add-ons or additional cost. BigCommerce has a great feature set out of the box including 70 different discount types and strong technical SEO features. While there is no built-in CMS, it does offer a WordPress integration. The WordPress integration isn’t the right fit for every project as it does increase your maintenance costs, but it is an option worth discussing. If you are a fast-growing and/or established brand currently considering alternative digital commerce platform options, you would benefit greatly from BigCommerce because of its wide array of features. The built-in features are intuitive, so at its core, as a digital commerce engine, it is easy to use. From there, there are many different options to help businesses grow -- from analytics to abandoned cart emails to Google shopping feeds.